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Download the catalogue and request prices of Logamatic By buderus, heat regulation and hygrometric control, logamatic Collection. Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 1 Buderus Logamatic manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions . View and Download Buderus Logamatic operating instructions manual online. Logamatic Control Unit pdf manual download. Also for: Logamatic.

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Press “Night mode” to switch off DHW circulation. The operating mode determines the switching logzmatic The modified standard program is saved under “Own” and the number of the heating circuit. Upon request, your heating contractor will select and set up one of these options: The permanent display will then appear again.


Setting the logamqtic function. The LED of the “Day mode” key illuminates; day mode is enabled. Factory-set permanent display, if the MEC2 is fitted in the control unit. These heating circuits will be designated “MEC heat. The modified switching point will be saved under the “Own” program and the number of the heating circuit here “2”.

Press “Weekday” again to enter the year. The control unit can operate in three control modes: Setting the room temperature.

Operating Instructions Logamatic , and |

Using an additional temperature sensor in the flow of the heating circuit to be supplied, sufficient cold return water is mixed via a three-way mixing valve into the hot flow water, to achieve the required lower temperature. Control unit remains blank or does not function — Heating system emergency stop switch set to “ON”.

Page 57 Select the standard program for the chosen heating circuit Chapter 7. The MEC2 contains a radio receiver that, under normal reception conditions, constantly monitors and corrects the control unit time switch if enabled.


The relationship between the outside temperature and the flow temperature is described as the heating curve. The primary and secondary pumps and the DHW circulation pump are switched off. Read carefully before use.

Buderus Logamatic 4121 Manuals

If you wish to delete a heating phase, both switching points must be deleted. Constant winter Logamaticand – Subject to technical modifications.

Initially the heating circuit is displayed for which you want to select a standard program. LEDs indicate the current function status.

The DHW circulation pump is switched off. Holiday days 5 Release “Temp” to save your input. The required flow temperature, which is mainly subject to the outside temperature, can be adjusted by the room temperature only to a limited degree.

A DHW cylinder or an instantaneous water heater heats the water required for a shower, bath or washing your hands. Only fit this module in the control unit once. If, for example, you want to reduce the room temperature in the reference room, and you therefore close the thermostatic valve further, the flow rate through the radiator is reduced and, therefore, less heat is transferred to the room.

Hold down “Night mode”, and simultaneously open the flap of the MEC2. With the flap logamtic, also press “Day mode” or “Night mode”. Page 21 At fixed times, central heating is provided or the room temperature is set back. The more you are aware of the options offered by your heating system, the greater the benefit you will be able to draw from it.

Research has shown that it is generally sufficient to run the DHW circulation pump for only three minutes every half hour. Should you, for example, open a window in the room where the room temperature is measured, logamatjc control unit will “think” that you have opened the windows in every room in your house and will begin to heat vigorously. Creating a new heating program. You will see either “maint.


Modified values are saved. Room temperature Correction 0. To connect two consecutive heating phases, place the stop point of the first heating phase onto the start point of the next phase.

Controls and MEC2 programming unit 5. After approximately 2 seconds, the display will show the currently selected temperature and operating mode. You cannot enter a separate DHW holiday function. Setting the holiday function. The display shows the set value. Only the factory-set day and night temperatures are available, which you can, however, modify New switch.

After approximately three seconds, the permanent display will appear again. The newly created program will be saved under “Own program” and the relevant heating circuit number.

Heating with reduced room temperature night mode only differs lobamatic standard heating mode day mode through a lower flow temperature. Remote control fault The programming unit works with the last values set on the MEC2 programming unit.


The cylinder primary pump and DHW circulation pump if installed run constantly during thermal disinfection. Only use this module if no other FM has already been installed in the control unit. The positions 0 and 3 manual mode are special settings reserved for heating contractors only.

Hold down “Display”, and select the required permanent display with the rotary selector here: Press “Day mode” to select constant operation. The displayed temperature depends on the set room temperature.