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The Art of War [Baron Antoine-Henri De Jomini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war. Jomini was This is a ~15 page “summary” of the book. Jomini and his Summary of the art of war;. Main Author: Jomini, Antoine Henri, baron de, Related Subjects: Military art and science. Physical. The translators of Jomini’s Summary of the Principles of the Art of War have . Jomini’s Art of War offered a simple, practical guidebook for using troops in.

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The discussions of several authors, among others those of the Marquis de Chambray and of General Okounieff upon the fire of infantry.

Jomini: The Present Theory of War and Its Utility

Jomini’s book had jomjni arguably excessive influence on the U. Convinced that I had seized the true point of view under which it was necessary to regard the theory of war in order to discover its veritable rules, and to quit the always so uncertain field of personal systems, I set myself to the work with all the ardor of a neophyte. Jomini is always looking for what is the same in warfare from war to war.

Inafter trying without success to bring about a political understanding between France and Russia, Jomini was called to St Petersburg to act as a military adviser to the Tsar during the Crimean War. Tranchant Laverne has done so with spirit and sagacity, but incompletely. Henceforth good books will not be wanting to those who shall wish to study, for at this day we have principles, whereas, ojmini had in the 18th century only methods and systems.

The Present Theory of War and Its Utility

Clausewitz sees this as a much less linear relationship. Jomini is generally seen as Clausewitz’s most influential competitor as a military theorist. Count Kevenhuller gave maxims upon field jmoini and upon that of sieges. Clausewitz excoriated his prescriptive worldview in his writings, and 2.

While in Russian service, Jomini tried hard to promote a more scientific approach at the general staff academy he helped to found.


InJomini published his views as to the conduct of the impending skmmary with Prussia. Military Academy at West Point, N. There is nothing perfect under the sun!!! To the end of causing its object to be better appreciated, I believe it my duty to precede it by a few lines upon the present state of the theory of war. Strategy, particularly, may indeed be regulated by fixed laws resembling those of the positive sciences, but this is not true of war viewed as a whole.

As one writer rather partial to Carl von ClausewitzJomini’s great competitor in the field of military theory, put it:. I could not doubt this truth in reading again, subsequently, the campaigns of Turenne, of Marlborough, of Eugene of Savoy, and in comparing them with those of Frederick, which Tempelhoff had just published with details so full of interest, although somewhat summmary and by far too much repeated.

His points are so widely adopted, that many do not know their knowledge originally comes from Jomini; therefore he is less remembered today. Cario Nisas, too verbose with regard to the ancients, mediocre for the epoch from the revival to that of the Seven Years War, has completely failed on the modern system.

Jomini and his Summary of the art of war; a condensed version edited, and with an introduction

Sign In Don’t have an account? And if to those you add the multitude of precepts which suffer more or symmary exceptions, will you not have more dogmas than necessary for fixing your opinions upon all the operations of war? As a result, Jomini entered a business school in Aarau at the age of A more scientific approach to war.

Throw the army successively upon decisive summarg Maneuver to engage fractions with bulks Tactically, mass against decisive points Do this at the proper time and with the proper energy Strategy: Meanwhile, instead of replying to the reproach, and of giving utterance to a single grievance, he has found it more simple to retaliate by injuries, to which a military man will never reply in books, which should have another object than collecting personalities.

In the Spanish campaign of his advice was often of the highest value to the marshal, but Jomini quarrelled with his chief, and he was left almost at the mercy of his numerous enemies, especially Louis Alexandre Berthierthe emperor’s chief of staff.


With very few military theorists out there, a competing view was a threat to the sales of his writings. After the Peace of TilsitJomini was made chief of jo,ini staff to Ney and created a baron.

Finally, there is a third kind, that of critical history, applied to the principles of the art, and more especially designed to develop the relations of events with those principles. Since Napoleon did not write a book regarding the nature of war and a method for military operations, we can say that task passed to Jomini.

The Art of War Context: Career military staff officer; failed to achieve command; served as an advisor to the Russian Czar; wrote to impress and be published. In Russia, General Okounief treated of the important article of the combined or partial employment of the three arms, which makes the basis of the theory of combats, and rendered thereby a real service to young officers.

Major General Henry W. For some years thereafter, Jomini held summagy a French and a Russian commission, with the consent of both sovereigns. The Art of War.

Somehow, though, I believe that Jomini’s statements on the morale of an army as a key factor for victory is still extremely relevant. The writings of Laroche-Aymon, Muller and Bismark, have also thrown light upon many questions regarding the zrt.

They would have been more useful still, if a pretentious and pedantic style did not frequently render them unintelligible.

Apart from love of his own country, the desire to study, to summmary and to practise the art of war was his ruling motive.

Antoine-Henri Jomini

Afterwards come the works of M. He was busily employed up to the end of his life in writing treatises, pamphlets and open letters on subjects of military art and history. Jomini feels that politics end when war begins.