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I’ve done a layout that is mostly text in InDesign, and the printer wants an Illustrator file. Can’t seem to find a way to do a conversion from. Aug 14, Easy instructions for converting an InDesign file to a Word document. A workaround is to take your A3 indesign document and place it inside an CMD/Ctrl + D and select your A3 InDesign file and place it into the.

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Read the font warning that pops up when you package an ID file. Progressive iindesign a JPEG image in increasing detail as it is downloaded to a web browser. When you have to send jobs to do decals for bottles, glass, vehicles, signs or t-shirts silk screening, or embroidery for shirts, caps you MUST have an illustrator or vector file.

Just to be clear here. Stefano has worked on numerous mid to opslaab InDesign projects for Alstom, DeLonghi, Philips, and many others before starting Redokun in The process was as simple as:. I’m needing to export my portfolio as a pdf but my indesign document is a3, i see no option to chose the size. However, only through conversion through the pdf route did I have access to the actual text in Illustrators so I could edit further, if necessary.

Let me know, in the comments, about any error you might encounter, so that I can add them to this post. That’s their preferred workflow. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.



This discussion is locked. I’ll give a try. Export to PDF – period. You can not post a blank message. In the real world, ethics are optional. Please, let’s get the OP on track with some sort of resolve instead of conflict and confusion. Free for 14 days.

Export to JPEG format

That generally solves the issue. I used to export using JPG, but the translucency has become a priority since these images will be stacked on top of other images olslaan tiles on Google Maps. Sign up using Facebook. The conversion from the PDF to the Word file will take a few seconds. Sign up using Email and Password. And yes, I know that opdlaan does it.

InDesign to Word: 4 Minutes tutorial – Redokun

But I guess if they do request the native file, they’ll have to supply the fonts themselves. Your job as a designer is to supply TO the printer the correct format, or pay to have them make it right. You do not need to select anything to export a page or spread. You’ll be hard pressed to find a font license that allows that. They’re really not the enemy.

Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new tutorials and tips about InDesign. As far as restricted fonts — if you can’t embed for print, I don’t think the font is worth owning.

He also holds in-house InDesign courses for companies in the Venice, Italy area.


If desired, select an object to export. Given today’s technology, there is simply no reason I can think of to send native files to anyone. Email Required, but never shown. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new tutorials and tips about InDesign. opslana

I tend to worry more if the printer requests the native file than if they request a PDF. Go to original post. If a printer does not accept PDFs, select a different one.

InDesign to Word: 4 Minutes tutorial

That’s where I was going with that. You could place your current document into a new document that is a4 size. In Design ception. Otherwise I would have just made a new thread.

As a printer I want properly converted pdfs, or I want the native file with all support files and I don’t care about copy protection. Only accepting PDFs is a very mainstream way of running a printing company.

Just ask them before making the file! Please enter a indesign bestand opslaan als.

Like stop signs in Massachusetts. That generally solves the issue. A short guide for InDesign users who work on multilingual projects. Replace the text in InDesign documents with other languages.