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Imagining the Tenth Dimension has ratings and 18 reviews. author Rob Bryanton starts with the lower dimensions that we are all familiar with, then uses. Jeff: Rob Bryanton, the author of Imagining the Tenth Dimension is. Modern theories tell us that there are ten spatial, or “space-like” dimensions to our reality. My name is Rob Bryanton. With this project, I have.

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Imagining the Tenth Dimension – A Book by Rob Bryanton

I’m sorry for making such a terrible analogy, I wanted to ask how is your explanation of dimensions is not just a simple organization of the various possibilities? Although the book is not intended to be a discription of “real physics”, as he points out in the introduction, his ideas on ten dimensions and the alledged connection to string theory and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics couldn’t be stated more explicitely and couldn’t be more wrong.

Subscribe via email Enter your email address this will NOT be shared: Plus, each time you double tap on the screen you are taken to a new combination of patterns. My name is Jeff Richards, this is Paranormal, and we’re gonna take a quick break, when we come back we’re answering your questions live.

Using simple geometry and an easygoing writing style, author Rob Bryanton starts with the lower dimensions that we are all familiar with, then uses those concepts to Reality, today’s physicists tell us, is created by the vibrations of exquisitely tiny superstrings in ten spatial dimensions. The next problem is a good deal more serious. And this would be true no matter what variables we were adjusting within the seventh dimensional line: With my name as the author removed and the text screens at the end removed which includes “while this ‘way of imagining’ is not the accepted explanation for string theory, it does have thought-provoking connections to many people’s impression of how our reality is constructed”there has indeed been some controversy as to my intent with this project.


But it don’t think it’s really about reality creation. Than you for writing this. Tenth Dimension Vlog playlist. You know you’re wrong, and still you see the thousands of likes and views and yet you peruse this ridiculousness. Well, it was because I had always intended to do it. When thinking about the ten dimensions, and just reality in general, what should people really hold as a core concept?

Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Bryanton.

Like the “point” we know from geometry, it has no size, no dimension. Posted by Rob Bryanton at 7: You’ve got that imaginnig, that Ultimate Ensemble that’s back there. You can view Part 3 on YouTube at this link: Inflexible data management systems force the information into the medium.

With his limited understanding of how the various theories rampant in theoretical physics, it still comes across as a fascinating way of trying to imagine higher dimensions and seems like a great point to start off from for those who don’t know either. Jan 05, Voss Foster rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 22, Steve rated it it was amazing. Part scientific exploration, part philosophy, this unique book touches upon such diverse topics as dark matter, Feynman’s “sum over paths,” the quantum observer, and the soul.

Took me a while to find it and I wasn’t even able to read the whole thing.


Imagining the Tenth Dimension: A New Way of Thinking about Time and Space

All timelines between a common big bang and all possible endings of thee world a universe 7. Jul 03, Mark Thompson rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

It’s just an imaginary idea that indicates a position in a system. It was Everett who showed us that these parallel outcomes reside within a space which is “orthogonal” to space-time, and the versions of the universe that we don’t observe are just as real as the dimdnsion we do. Thanks for your support, Simon! There are some philosophical elements also tied in, such as the discussion on free will, but those are kept Rob Bryanton’s vision of how the omniverse works, as presented by this text, can get the brain stimulated in such a brief amount of pages.

While I do try to avoid putting textbooks and their imqgining on here, ‘Imaginging the Tenth Dimension’ is much more than Maybe I only like this bok because I like quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

From here on the logic follows that any extra dimension that a being perceives can bbryanton perceived fully while still in that dimension. Physically and mathematically, what he claims about space and time is absolute bullocks, if I may use dimenwion expression.