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If the bubble checker is turned off, the signals on either side of the NOT symbol are synonymed together and the NOT symbol is xatasheet ignored. A comma and three dots together indicate that if you specify more than one argument, you must separate those arguments by commas.

Symbol Naming When creating parts, a dztasheet or common functional part name should be used wherever possible. Use the attribute command in Concept-HDL to properly set the text justification.

The actual physical part table entries which Packager-XL uses to determine the new part types to be created. When placing parts, the correct symbol should be used to establish signal states and to provide design integrity. Cadence libraries are shipped with a default pin spacing of. Except as specified in this permission statement, this publication may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, without prior written permission from Cadence.

The only exception to this is when the -libdir option is used in Single Library Mode. The module instantiates the original Verilog model, with explicit port mapping datwsheet the ports declared in the Verilog model.


The name of the module is mapped to the name of the simulation model. The minimum text size of pin hctt4016 should be. Flag symbols are usually not required. January 45 Product Version hcr4016 Map View for Technology Independent Part The example below shows how a map file is organized for mapping of body pins to verilog model ports for all technology primitives in this case two parts.

For best alignment, set the right side and top notes hhct4016 right justified and left side and bottom hct406 as left justified. This guide assumes familiarity with a system text editor, HDL language concepts, and the following Cadence tools used to create component symbols and models: For example, this entry is read as if it were all on one line: Each part type definition is a separate part type table.

Either single or double quote marks are required if the part name includes spaces. You will be prompted about any missing mapfiles for the mapview specified. Generating Entity Declarations from Symbols. Symbol names are of 0. Verify that the text size dtasheet the placeholder is consistent with the design standard.

74HC4016 Datasheet

Each part in this library is a body that can be added to a drawing of any type. Pin Notes Pin notes are used for graphical identification of pins only. January 85 Product Version Mapping Scenarios Following is the description of the various mapping scenarios possible while datashdet VHDL wrappers. The input local current is measured in milliamperes.

SPD9V6BE :Electronic Component Distributor ,Order C&K Components Stock Online.

These placeholders provide locations to annotate properties when placing parts in Concept-HDL in the physical mode. You also use it to check the width of the parent signal. Another element of Cadence schematic symbols is the chips.


The names must match the names in the Concept-HDL body file. If the two do not match, an error is generated. Signal Property in Chips View. By declaring an OUT port, the resolved signal value outside of the architecture cannot have any effect inside the architecture. This option is mutually exclusive with datasueet -lib option. You can add as many properties as you want.

The appropriate resistance is added externally. January 70 Product Version The VHDL wrapper file should be named vhdl. January 88 Product Version If you plan to use custom port symbols instead of those supplied in the HDL Direct library, make sure to copy all the visible and invisible properties on the HDL Direct port symbols. These wrappers are used for simulating the components.

You have to consider text and component size when using this approach. However, they are required as Packager-XL output by some physical design systems. Dagasheet property also indicates a default manufacturer of the device for which the Signal Integrity model was developed. The following are not valid for pin names: This is the Cadence convention for defining symbol versions. This would allow designers to test the design at the backend for signal integrity with the Analysis tool.