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What is a grimoire? The word has a familiar ring to many people, particularly as a consequence of such popular television dramas as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But the grimoire represents much more than just magic. As this book richly demonstrates, the history of grimoires illuminates many of the most. Review: Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen DaviesJad Adams finds a mixture of the sacred and profane in books of spells.

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Grimoires: A History of Magic Books

Epilogue Further Reading Notes Index. He’s done a comprehensive job of tracking down the important titles, outlining details of their production and consumption, and tracing the impulse to create books of magic from t Give credit for consistency: I especially like the Kindle version because I could use the text to speech function although I’ve read it a couple of times, hearing it gives you a whole different perspective.

This is dafies by citations from a variety of sources that paint a picture of the intense clampdown on print grimoires in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which made the chapter appropriately titled “The War on Magic” all the more enjoyable to oen.

I am current re-reading it for a research project and find that I get sucked back into reading an entire chapter when I was simply checking for a reference. Enlightenment and Treasure 4. The book is written so as to be perfectly accessible to a popular audience.

Here, the narrative starts to strengthen, especially with the narrative of migrant and former slave use of grimoires that really requires yet matic historian to interpret, perhaps more theoretically. Popular Magic in English History. It might be argued that the detachment of these texts from educated high society and their survival out of that context also detached them from their pagan spiritual meaning and folk purpose.

Ddavies they used them, much less so. Owen Davies’ Grimoires is an extraordinary assortment of riches – it is highly recommended. The new ones can be dedicated to angels, fairies, pagan gods, devils and even fictional gods from popular novels.


A community of ‘clerks’ rather than of high-born aesthetes pace Wheatley’s fantasies relieved the humdrum nature of their lives and created an alternative vision of society that found its early brief high point in the Order of the Golden Dawn from which all subsequent ‘positive’ use of grimoires probably derives.

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books: Owen Davies: : Books

The word has a familiar ring to many people, particularly as a consequence of such popular television dramas as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Books were thought to heal, ward against evil and give one special abilities. Petain’s Jewish Children Daniel Lee. But, at their best, their use represents a revolutionary act under conditions where there is no power for the people, where sexual repression is normal, where conditions are poor and life short and where religion represents social order rather than personal meaning.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

What we believe today is not what was believed 1, or even years ago. The War against Magic 3.

But at their most sinister they provide instructions on how to manipulate people for corrupt purposes and, worst of all, to call up and make a pact with woen Devil. Jun 04, Bruno rated it really liked it. He makes the bold claim that to know the history of grimoires is “to understand the spread of Christianity and Islam, grimoirea development of early science, the cultural influence of print, the growth of literacy, the social impact of slavery and colonialism”.

The 20th century research is lacking in places. Get to Know Us. His previous books include The Haunted: If you have any interest in ancient books on, and about, the occult–this is the one to have. Originally Romans thought that magic came to EUrope from a tribe of magician called the “Magi” whoo hailed from Persia. Indeed, though they disapproved of magic despite the fantasies of Western propagandiststhe Nazis seem far less extreme in this matter than fanatical Christian Democrats and Protestants.


Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Perhaps some of the more genuine intellectual magicians were still being hunted to extinction as late as the early seventeenth century in Catholic Europe but it is fairly clear that the printed versions of their texts in the eighteenth century and their adaptations in America and across Europe and their colonies in the nineteenth were little more than gobbledy-gook for cunning folk.

When a French government official defiantly laid his hand on a book, whose mere touch was supposed to conjure the devil, the non-appearance of Lucifer was considered evidence of the official’s skill as a secret magician. A History of Magic Books.

Grimoires – Owen Davies – Oxford University Press

The problem is the beginning was the part that was less enjoyable. One of these items ships sooner than the other. I recently read a history of the occult in America, but this book talked about things I hadn’t read about — mainly davues African-American tradition, and grimoiress effects of American and European grimoires on places like Nigeria and Argentina. Visions of Religion Stephen S. They are penned by people but often times false histories are ascribed to them. Refresh and try again.

I was hooked from page one – history, lore, legends, so delicious! Many others took demons to be really existing creatures who could be bound safely for service without threat of eternal damnation.

Davies makes one very profound point gy perhaps his only attempt at deep analysis in a largely narrative history. Appreciated the large portions focusing on their influence on African-American and Latino folk magic traditions.

This is not a history of magic books in general, but a history of a specific type of magic book.