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Pointwise supports exporting Gridgen grid files. A Gridgen restart .gg) file compatible with Gridgen Version 15 can be exported from Pointwise. © – Pointwise supports importing Gridgen database files. Any Gridgen restart .gg) file from Version 15 is supported for import into Pointwise. Note that 2D blocks are not supported by Pointwise and will not be imported.

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A new utility script is available which allows users to import Kreila geometry files KreilaImport. No matter what is visible in the Display window, pick masks ensure you will only pick what mznual want to pick.

Unigraphics NX3 files may now be imported into Gridgen. SPR Fixed a problem which was causing poor triangles to be formed along a the edge of a domain created on tridgen linearly swept surface. SPR Resolved a bug which was causing Gridgen to terminate when joining two structured domains.

When you recreate the block, its boundary conditions will be recovered from its domains. SPR A bug has mahual resolved which caused Gridgen to create a corrupt unstructured block volume. SPR A bug was fixed in which the Layer Height settings were not being accurately applied to the edges of an anisotropic domain. This problem has been resolved.

An extrusion boundary condition has been added that allows a hexahedral or prism block to be extruded while its boundary is constrained to a pre-existing connected structured domain in the grid. These scripts are provided for demonstration purposes and are not supported by Pointwise, Inc. The number of custom boundary conditions BCs and volume conditions VCs that can be created gridyen Gridgen has been increased to FLEXlm server has been upgraded to V9.

By assigning each database entity to a layer, you may easily control the visibility and usability of layers and the entities in them. Gridgen is now supported on SGI Prism workstations. Trimmed surfaces can now be created and modified in Gridgen. SPR Fixed an issue that was causing the block unstructured solver to fail in initializing a volume.


PLOT3D support has been extended to allow i-blanking, byte-order swapping, and single-block grids. SPR Resolved a bug in which point- and line-singular pole domains were not being initialized properly for structured grids. SPR Resolved msnual issue which was causing Gridgen to crash when importing a particular restart file. This problem has been fixed. SPR An issue was found in which all database entities selected for rotation did not rotate at the specified angle.

SPR When setting the Split Angle for Feature Extraction, Gridgen displayed a message indicating that angles from 0 to degrees could be specified.

Gridgen – Pointwise |

Gridgen now supports the ability to mesh solid models. The Unigraphics native file reader is an optional product.

So if you create a block, assign boundary conditions, but then delete the block, the boundary conditions are not lost.

SPR Resolved an issue in which prism extraction for an anisotropic block failed to produce two new blocks.

SPR A bug was fixed that caused the unstructured block solver to pause for a long period of time when initializing a block. SPR Resolved a bug that caused the redimensioning of a connector to be journaled incorrectly from Gridgen.

SPR Resolved an issue where anisotropic triangles could gridgne be created off of a sharp edge.

Gridgen – Pointwise

If other dimensions are desired, they must be specified within the script interface. If your selected Analysis Software supports VCs, the volume cells in your mesh may be sorted according to VC when they are exported to the solver’s grid file. SPR Fixed a problem causing a hang up following aniso layer generation. SPR Resolved a bug that was causing unnaturally high gridge of tetrahedral cells in the interior of unstructured block volumes. SPR Improved postscript export of pictures from Gridgen.

Logic has now been added to account for this scenario and prevent this problem from recurring.


SPR Resolved an issue that caused zero volume cells to be produced when an anisotropic tetrahedral block was initialized. March Resolved a bug which was causing the import of files into V The following is a listing of technical issues resolved in V The layer manager may be used at most any time while running Gridgen and appears in a new window.

SPR An issue was fixed which caused poor quality unstructured anisotropic domains to be created on quilts of high grisgen. SPR A bug was fixed that caused V SPR Resolved an issue causing inconsistent tets on opposite sides of a symmetry boundary. Catia V5 R18 files may now be imported into Gridgen. SPR Resolved an error causing a crash when selecting domains for face assembly.

SPR A problem was resolved in which importing multiple database files and multiple grid files caused a segmentation violation within Gridgen. Gridgen now supports double-precision Cobalt export. This information has been added. SPR Resolved a bug which caused Gridgen to terminate when creating a fit for a database surface. A new diagnostic function is now available for database surfaces which displays the closest point distances between the boundaries and surfaces of picked trimmed surfaces, quilts, and models.

March An issue was resolved in which anisotropic domain edges set to Isotropic would have highly skewed cells created from those edges. Hot keys have been added to allow the entry of these gridgfn other symbols used in text input. SPR Fixed a bug that caused Gridgen to exit prematurely if a surface of revolution was intersected with a bi-linear surface. SPR Solved a problem causing domains to disappear after saving from the unstructured solver.

Tolerances that were causing this problem have been adjusted. gridhen

March The following is a listing of new features included in V