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Enterprise Linux System Administration. Course Summary. Description. This is an in-depth course that explores installation, configuration and maintenance of. GL Enterprise Linux Systems Administration: RHEL6 SLES11 [Guru Labs L.C.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Advance your learning in GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration with NetCom. NetCom Learning uses vendor-sanctioned Vendor Neutral – Technical.

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Managing Network-Wide Time SELinux Security Framework Viewing and Monitoring Quotas RPM Package Files 5. With more than 19 certifications, Ramesh is an IT guru and trainer with worldwide experience, which includes presentations and trainings across US, Asia, and Middle East.

Linux Network Interfaces 4. Persistent Block Devices 6. GRUB 2 Configuration 9. System Boot Method Overview 2.

Configuring NTP Clients NetCom students enjoy one of the industry’s highest success rates, and pass rates when a certification exam is involved. He has trained over students at Netcom Learning since and his evaluation scores average 8. In addition to teaching and developing courses for the past 10 years, Joseph has authored course materials for many AutoDesk courses. Partitioning Disks with parted 4. Sam Polsky has since co-founded a consulting firm where he has been involved in software architecture, development and implementation.


Hardware Discovery Tools 2. He is also an Adobe specialist and holds a degree in Administratio Design.

GL250 Enterprise Linux System Administration

Common Boot Options Anaconda: He has provided training, mentoring and consulting services using Microsoft development tools and products. Approaches to Storing User Accounts 2. Exporting and Importing a VG 6. Firmenkurs Falls sie ein Mensch sind, lassen sie dieses Feld leer. Ginger’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics is unparalleled. As a Certified Master Dynamics trainer, she stays abreast of the latest Dynamics modules and shares experience with a very hands-on training technique at NetCom Learning.

Carmille is passionate about educating and has a unique talent for making complex design and development principals seem “easy” to students from all levels of expertise.

He hopes to use his experience in teaching and data science to help other people learn the enterprisd of the Python programming language and its ability to analyze data, as well as present the data in clear and beautiful visualizations.

System Admin I also provides a foundation for students wishing to become full time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise level tools.


GL Enterprise Linux System Administration › New Horizons Training (Schweiz) AG

GRUB 2 Security File Creation Permissions with umask Booting Linux on PCs 7. Like all Guru Labs courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience.

System Configuration Files Configuring Routing Tables 7. Enterprie shares his knowledge and experience in a very focused and clear way, which students find very enticing.

Array Creation with mdadm Remote Block Device Protocols 4. Go250 almost 30, enrollments Jose has been able to teach Python and its Data Science libraries to thousands of students. Examining LVM Components 7. Loading Anaconda and Packages Anaconda: Read what students had to say about their experience at NetCom.

We stay committed to providing you real value. Michael’s dedication and passion for teaching is unmatched. Determining Disk Usage With administrayion and du Legacy local bootup script support