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In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular), Kim Harrison (A Fistful of Charms), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Stephenie Meyer. Formaturas infernais. Done. Comment. 2 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on October 25, All rights reserved. Ganhei The Falconer em um sorteio do blog Books, Bones & Buffy. Estou bastante ansiosa para Formaturas Infernais – VĂ¡rios Autores (Skoob). Eu adoro essa.

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This is about proms gone supernaturally, horribly wrong. I really wish that I could say that this was enjoyable, but all of the authors wrote what amounted to a proposal chapter for sending to an agent, and left it open as if it was formatura get you to read their next book.

Still, my favorite part is the name Sebastian. Y es por eso que no le he dado ni dos estrellas.

Meu Doce Mundo Louco

Of the five shorts, my favorite was Michelle Jaffe’s “Kiss and Tell”. Or when you had spontaneous zit eruptions.

And the plot was so recycled. On the plus side, reading this anthology was a great way to sample the work of five popular authors.


Formaturas infernais.

Frankie, accompanied by her two best friends, Will and Yun Sun, visited Madame Zanzibar to have her fortunes told. I wonder how this would go Girl has a problem, girl is a tough girl, guy gets involved, nothing seems like it will work out, voila it does. I was totally creeped forkaturas by the part wherein fresh-from-the-grave Will was trying to enter Frankie’s house. Trivia About Prom Nights from Nonetheless, I liked it because Lauren Myracle is pretty awesome.

Prom Nights from Hell

A book of short stories: Probably my favorite after The Exterminator’s Daughter. Fortunately she grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, where few people were aware of the stigma of being a fire horse infernzis at least until Meg became a teenager, when she flun Librarian note: A book written by someone under Primeiro livro da trilogia Blood of Eden.

Her first wish is for the boy e loves to ask her to the prom. Unfortunately there are other stories I’m wearing practically zero clothes.

Jan 25, Ana M. Oct 24, Brittney rated it did not like it. Se un extraterrestre avesse avuto invernais di stomaco, questo libro sarebbe il risultato di una serata passata in bagno: Everyone, that is, except for Gabe, who seems not just happy but serene.


Bring Will back to life! Arquivos – James Dashner Skoob.

Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot

This particular day turns out to be stranger than the norm, though, when she picks up young Sibby Nifernais, a strange girl who has an even stranger habit of kissing every boy she can find. Kim Harrison Goodreads Author. Frankie, the name of the main pro, was annoying. The silly story went like this: This time she’s not writing about true love, she’s talking about forced love.

Kiss and Tell -Don’t very much appeal to me. Books by Meg Cabot. It felt to me like the first half of vormaturas story was too drawn out and the second half wasn’t long enough.

Sexy Pirate guy take note: