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Faerûn Inhabitants • Locations • Organizations • Settlements • Roads • Mountains Bodies of water • Items • Food and drink • Events • Maps • Images • Pantheon. Deities of Faerûn. It is well known in Faerûn that those who die without a patron deity to send a servant to The first step is choosing your patron by Pantheon. Oct 6, Explore BOB Boyd’s board “Forgotten Realms Pantheon” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy art and Fantasy.

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Penance for major infractions includes a month or more of prayer, a large donation 1, gp or morea quest, and possibly an atonement spell which might require its own quest.

Want to add to pantgeon discussion? Hathor, goddess of love, music, and motherhood. I’m running LMoP and treat the temple there as a ‘catch all’ because the village isn’t big enough to accommodate temples to all the gods. In the island kingdom of Kozakura the worship of a large number of spirits collectively called “The Eight Million Gods” is predominant.

I dunno, it was just an idea I was kicking about, pantueon I may not go for it. Became a god after absorbing the divine essence of Erevis Cale. Silver hand on black background. Skadi, god of earth and mountains.

  ASTM D1506 PDF

Appendix B: Gods of the Multiverse

The aim of this subreddit is to serve as a platform for general DM questionsstory advice, as well as all the myriad bits and faerrun that go along with learning-to-DM. How do I run it in a session?

panthen Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Please refrain from downvoting legitimate questions. Wave of white water on green. Tyr, god of courage and strategy. They sprang from the brook and stream, their might heightened by the strength of the oak and the beauty of the woodlands and open moor. Individual clans and kingdoms of dwarves might revere some, all, or none of these deities, and some have other gods unknown or known by other names to outsiders.

Their powers reflect the need these warriors had for strong leadership and decisive action. Silvanus, god of nature and forests. Collectively, the gnome deities are known as the Lords of the Golden Hills. Created by Lord Aothe greater gods have a duty to preserve the balance between Chaos and Order. Loki, god of thieves and trickery. Deities Supplement” Wizards of the Coast Once these two conditions are met, the character becomes a divine spellcaster of the new deity, and if a cleric, he chooses two domains from the new deity’s repertoire.

It is possible for a cleric, druid, paladin, or spellcasting ranger or any other divine spellcaster to abandon his chosen deity and take up the faith of another deity.

The Egyptian pantheon is unusual in having three gods with the Death domain of different alignments. pantheo


faerun pantheon | Tumblr

Additionally, there are an untold number of local deities and demigods, sometimes worshipped in an area as small as a few miles across.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If the DM wishes, she can make domains specific to other planes, using these as representative guides. Manannan mac Lir, god of oceans and sea creatures.

Sacrifice of the Widow. Goibhniu, god of smiths and healing. Song of the Saurials.

Hephaestus, god of smithing and craft. Anubis is the lawful neutral god of the afterlife, who judges the souls of the dead. Worldbuilding, Storybuilding, DM Discussion.

In the Forgotten Realms, they work most closely with the god Tyr. The Circle of Greater Powers have always come together to meet for important reasons such as the capture of Kezef the Chaos Hound for the preservation of the balance or for the trial of another god for not carrying out the duty under their portfolio such as the trial for Cyric the Mad. Please do not crosspost. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: That probably only muddied pntheon waters for you.