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Race Against the Machine is a non-fiction book from by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee about the interaction of digital technology, employment and . and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and The Economy. Erik Brynjolfsson. Director, MIT Center for Digital Business. Andrew McAfee. Race Against The Machine. Erik Brynjolfsson. Director, MIT Center of Digital Business All Profits After Tax. Copyright (c) Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

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Race Against The Machine

View all 4 comments. The AI revolution is doing to white collar jobs what robotics did to blue collar jobs. Would love to see an update to this with figures from the past years.

They were more sensitive to the distributional consequences of technology in this earlier work, and to the social impact of those consequences. The same examples are used Google self-driving cars, Watson The second is that the book is short and chart heavy, compounding the above.

Unfortunately, the final chapter on recommendations is not very persuasive and the reader is left wondering what is to be done as lots of people are progressively losing out.

They compare this phenomena to the ancient tale of the origins of the Chessboard. The results were mixed. Long-term, technology will benefit us, short-term, it will hurt because our socioeconomic model and institutions are adapting to the exponential change of technology.


I would applaud the authors for taking seriously its acceleration over the last few decades, but perhaps I should just applaud the people the authors quote, since this book does very little of it’s own heavy lifting, and little heavy lifting at that. There are also several excellent quotes peppered throughout from historical figures like Franklin Roosevelt and present-day economists.

Even though many economic metrics had recovered quickly including Real GDP, Real GDP per capita, corporate profits, business investments in equipment and software; other measures of economic health did not recover so well. For education, they recommend paying teachers more goodinstituting dubious reform measures like eliminating tenure???

Entrepreneurial business models, new organizational structures and different institutions are needed. Meanwhile, the Median is not. The Average is skewed upward by very large figures. And, Keynes had exactly figured that out back in The idea that a significant portion of the population could become software entrepreneurs in order to procure a stable income is ridiculous.

Oh, barring the classic military coup, things are sure to crash sooner or later if inequality gets too severe, but that thought is a like burning trashcan where I just can’t seem to warm my hands.

This phenomenon is both broad and deep, and has profound economic implications. If you are educated in economics don’t waste your time on this. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And, the outcome of such tournaments is counterintuitive.

If you read only one book on technology in the next 12 months, it should be this one. As technology races ahead, it can leave many people behind. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Autopilot cars, trucks are already invented, soon it will cause hug Funny that this book is just pages, but it contains very intensive information that you would feel you read someone’s review from another books of pages. Brynjllfsson bad that their follow-up effort did little aaginst improve on what was good in this earlier, slimmer volume and much to emphasize what was inadequate and underdeveloped.


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Those in the digital tech business should care deeply about the transition to sustainable energy. So, what can human beings contribute to this most demanding cognitive challenge playing chess? Moreover, another reason to read this book is to quantitatively see what has changed in the job market and whose salaries responded to it in what ways.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. An interesting book that explores the effects of current and future technologies and digital innovations on job creation and income inequality.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Perhaps their upcoming book will ans further. Geeft bijkomend inzicht over hoe onze arbeidsmarkt en ondernemingsmarkt verder zal evolueren. And, this may be the case regardless of the field. A great, concise, and well-written and well-sourced book on technology.

The authors specifically identified three: This is something I’m greatly concerned about, so why one star?

Of course, these suggestions are unhampered by the fact that we’ve been trying to fix the USA’s lousy educational system for, what?