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Enovia collaboration Platform is a Product Lifecycle management tool Distribution (Approximate) Matrix Query Language (MQL) What is it. mql-triggers-image2v2-small The underpinnings of ENOVIA V6 and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (3DXP) can be quite complex at first glance. You can execute mql command in JSP and JPO. Here is one example. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by.

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If that person is already defined, the statement is invalid and the transaction aborts—the statement is not processed and the database remains unchanged.

Matrix Query Language Concepts

Ex- add person mohan As soon as you enter the statement, Matrix starts the transaction to define a person named mohan. The example below runs against a Mingle project with the following card data: Mingle does not restrict you to the project’s date format. Date mal All properties, except numeric ones can be compared to a date.

Some examples of advantages are:. The information in this section is simply an overview of functionality. It is a grouping of similar objects within the Matrix database, as well as a storage location for metadata which identifies those objects.

MQL and TCL Intro

We can also modify, clearing and deleting vault with the help of modify, clearing and modify statement. This would create a table of cards that had the same value for the status property as the card this query was used on.


This allows people to create reports on cards that are automatically updated when the card properties are updated. About Me Jing View my complete profile. With Tcl tool command language embedded in MQL, common programming features such as variables, flow control, condition testing, and procedures are available for use with Matrix.

Here is one example. You must be a System Administrator mqp access vaults. If you want to sort the records in a descending order, you can use the DESC keyword. All clauses begin with keyword and separated with a space, tab or carriage return. Tagged with to select cards with tags.

For example, suppose a saved view has an advanced MQL filter of: Transaction involves accessing the database or producing a change in the database. Enovia Engineering Central implements a Change Management process to manage the release of Parts and and its related specification.

MQL can be used to find cards without certain tags. The Tk toolkit is also included. How to remove signature when demoting a business object. MQL Statement consists of a keyword, clauses and values. The add businessobject statements create businessobjectsand the checkin businessobject statements add the files. Once a transaction is committed, the statement is fully processed and it cannot be undone.

If you do not know which category you want or you want to get a listing of the entire contents of the help file, enter: There are various ways to specify a card as a value of these properties.


As noted above, querying historical card information is not fully integrated into Mingle. For the new part and new spec release, we require engineer to create ECR first. Here is the screenshot of the ECR Creation form. Example Data Enoovia easiest way to understand querying historical card information is to see an example. If no error are detected, all changes made by the statements are permanently made to the database.

There are two type of objects: For example, running against the example data above, the following MQL query:. All vaults contain a complete set of Matrix definitions. However, you can also use name or related properties:. The behavior of “AS OF” in any other area of Mingle is officially “undefined” – meaning that you may or may not get the results you expect.

For example, running against the example data above, the following MQL query: Nql in mind, product engineer are not computer guru and they focus on how to make a good product instead of focus on how to use the PDM system!