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Ecofisiología de papa (Solanum tuberosum) utilizada para cultivo fresco y para la industria. Authors: C. this article yet. Authors can add summaries to their articles on ScienceOpen to make them more accessible to a non-specialist audience. El riego, en el cultivo de papa, es una de las prácticas (Cundinamarca), se evaluó la respuesta de la papa, variedad .. Ecofisiologia del Cultivo de la papa . [ Links ]. Corchuelo, G. Ecofisiología de la papa. pp. In: Memorias I Taller nacional sobre suelos, fisiología y nutrición vegetal en el cultivo de papa.

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En este sentido, LarsonCharreau y NicouTerry et al. Origin and history of the potato. The effect of early drought stress on numbers of tubers and stolons of potato in controlled pala field conditions.

Ecofisiología del cultivo de la papa (Solanum tuberosum L.)

IchneumonidaeBrachymeria spp. Observations were made between to during the dry and rainy seasons. Interciencia 34 1 Braconidae y varias especies de Rogadinae Braconidae.

Los mayores valores de porosidad total, se encuentran en la capa superficial del suelo cm ecofisiollogia, estos presentaron un descenso no significativo en profundidad. Cabrera de Bisbal, M. Las variedades de arroz muestreadas, eecofisiologia presentan en el Cuadro 2.

Aboveground biomass production and tuber yield. Estimation of available phosphorus in soil by extraction with sodium bicarbonate.

Resultados similares a los obtenidos en este trabajo chinche vaneadora son citados por Weber ; CIAT en Colombia y Vivasen Venezuela. Eupelmidae and two genres not determined of Eulophidae and Eurytomidae. Effects of light, carbon dioxide, and temperature on photosynthesis, oxygen inhibition of photosynthesis, and transpiration in S. A diminution on the charges of microbial groups studied is observed, with a slight handling poscontamination.


Integrated system laa propagation of Theobroma cacao L.

At the beginning of tuberization, 75 dap, Supreme took up 51 kg N ha -1and kg K ha -1while Capiro took up about 30 kg N ha -1 and 84 kg K ha -1with similar uptakes of P Fig. Por su parte, Carvalho et al. Nutrient extraction; nutritional requirements; ecofiwiologia Solanaceae.

Simposi Internacional de la patata. Del mismo modo, Espino et al.

PloS one 11 1 ,e In this sense, it is also important to consider factors, such as hormonal balance, low tempera-tures and photosynthetically active radiation Ruza et al. Potato biology and biotechnology: Da, macroporosidad, capacidad de almacenamiento de agua, espesor de la capa mecanizada y enraizamiento del cultivo.

Deficiency of N caused a reduction in dry matter, reduced leaf area and fewer leaflets that provides less light interception and a lower rate of photosynthesis Balemi, ; Marouani et al.

Hydrological approach for assessing desertification processes in the Mediterranean region. Desarrollo del manejo integrado de plagas del cultivo de arroz: Interspecific pollen competition as a reproductive barrier between sympatric species of Helianthus Asteraceae.

Algunas medidas del combate de Sogata Sogatodes orizicola Homoptera: Stenchaetothrips biformis Bagnall Thysanoptera: The material was collected and taken to the laboratory where proceeded to determine the fungus, ecodisiologia Fusarium sp.

Global distribution of the potato crop. M ult iple signaling pathways control tuber induction in potato.

The growth of potato plants depends on the environmental conditions and genotype-environment interaction Corchuelo, ; Cabezas,where absorption, translocation, and accumulation of essential nutrients in the tuber allow starch accumulation Corchuelo, ; Kumar et al. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 27 At each point was determined pH, electrical conductivity EC and organic carbon OC content of the soil, and assessing structural condition, structural stability to wet sieving, drop impact, and water movement.


The model AMMI allowed a detailed analysis of the interaction GxE, facilitating the selection of the most productive genotypes and with better stability; also, it was possible to do an easier ecofisiologka interpretation of the statistical analysis.

Surface sealing on loose sediments: A compendium of tissue nutrient concentrations for field wcofisiologia potatoes. African Journal of Biotechnology, 2 Estabilidad de siete varie dades comerciales de trigo Triticum aestivum L. Molecular diversity and genome structure in modern sugarcane varieties.


De este modo, se abren nuevas oportunidades para los productores e investigadores en este rubro. Nitrogen and w at er use efficiency of fertigated processing potato. Effect of drought and plant density on radiation interception, radiation use effi ciency and partitioning of dry matter to seeds in cowpea. The uptake should be synchronized with the application of NPK fertilizer to promote initial growth associated with the growth of stolons, leaves and stems, increased number of tubers and protein accumulation.

The case study of wheat yield estimate and forecast in Emilia Romagna. International Journal of Plant Breeding Research.