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USCCB Pro-Life Activities. Belehrende Handlungsaufforderung. Grundsätzlich handelt es sich bei der Instruktion um die handlungsbezogene Kommunikation. D. Donum vitae (Instruktion) · Donum vitae (Verein). E. Eidgenössische Volksinitiative «für Straflosigkeit der Schwangerschaftsunterbrechung» · EMILY’s List. Presentazione: Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede, “Donum vitae”: “ Glaube—eine Antwort auf die Urfrage des Menschen: Die Instruktion über die.

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The informed consent ordinarily required for clinical experimentation on adults cannot be granted by the parents, who may not freely dispose of the physical integrity or life of the unborn child.

Agostino nel suo commento al Salmo As regards experimentation, and presupposing the general distinction between experi;’nentation for purposes which are not directly therapeutic and experimentation which is clearly therapeutic for the subject himself, in the case in point one must also distinguish between experimentation carried out on embryos which are still alive and experimentation carried out on embryos which are dead.

Medical research must refrain from operations on live embryos, unless there is a moral certainty of not causing harm to the life or integrity of the unborn child and the mother, and on condition that the parents have givers their free and in formed consent to the procedure.

It imstruktion demonstrated that, from the first instant, the programme is fixed as to what this living being will be: Since heterologous artificial fertilization has been declared unacceptable, the question arises of how to evaluate morally the process of homologous artificial fertilization: The medical and nursing staff of Catholic hospitals and clinics are in a ibstruktion way urged to do justice to the moral obligations which they have assumed, frequently also, as part of their contract.

Insruktion 41 Life is a gift that must be bestowed in a manner worthy both of the subject receiving it and of the subjects transmitting it. From the moment of conception, the life of every human being is to be respected in an absolute way because man is the only creature on earth that God has “wished donumm himself ” 16 and the spiritual soul of each man is “immediately created” by God; 17 his whole being bears the image of the Creator.


The political authority consequently cannot give approval to the calling of human beings into existence through procedures which would expose them to those very grave risks noted previously.

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At the Second Vatican Council, the Church for her part presented once again to modern man her constant and certain doctrine according to which: Usually not all are transferred into the genital tracts of the woman; some embryos, generally called “spare “, are destroyed or frozen.

If prenatal diagnosis respects the life and integrity of the embryo and the human foetus and is directed towards its safeguarding or healing as an individual, then the answer is affirmative. To use human embryos or foetuses as the object or instrument of experimentation constitutes a crime against their dignity as human beings having a right to the same respect that is due to the child already born and to every human person.

This teaching has not been changed and is unchangeable. Sulla pastorale dei divorziati risposati.

By “artificial procreation” or ” artificial fertilization” are understood here the different technical procedures directed towards obtaining a human conception in a manner other than the sexual union of man and woman. A preliminary point for the moral evaluation of such technical procedures donu constituted by the consideration of the circumstances and consequences which those procedures involve in relation to the respect due the human embryo.

It hopes that all will understand the incompatibility between recognition of the dignity of the human person and contempt for life and love, between faith in the living God and the claim to decide arbitrarily the origin and fate of a human being. Spouses who find themselves in this sad situation are called to find in it an opportunity for sharing in a particular way in the Lord’s Cross, the source of spiritual fruitfulness.

The human being is to be respected and treated as a person from the moment of conception; and therefore from that same moment his rights as a person must be recognized, among which in the first place is the inviolable right of every innocent human being to bitae.

  J-STD - 001E PDF

The application of this moral principle may call for delicate and particular precautions in the case of embryonic or foetal life.

AAS 53 ; cf. Can one speak of a right to experimentation upon human embryos for the purpose of scientific donmu The spread of technologies of intervention in inztruktion processes of human procreation raises very serious moral problems in relation to the respect due to the human being from the moment of conception, to donmu dignity of the person, of his or her sexuality, and of the transmission of life.

For some, recourse to homologous IVF and ET appears to be the only way of fulfilling their sincere desire for a child. Heterologous artificial fertilization is contrary to the unity of marriage, to the dignity of the spouses, to the vocation proper to parents, and to the child’s right to be conceived and brought into the world in marriage and from marriage.

Il sacerdozio ministeriale e la promozione della donna Xonum L. Christ has compassion on our weaknesses: AAS 48 It must sometimes tolerate, for the sake of public order, things which it cannot forbid without a greater evil resulting. AAS 74 Joseph Ratzinger e seguenti commenti:.

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Sterile couples must not forget that “even when procreation is not possible, conjugal life does not for this reason lose its value. On the part of the spouses, the desire for a child is natural: Seguono articoli di alcuni esperti Velasio De Paolis, C.

The gift of life which God the Creator and Father has entrusted to man calls him to appreciate the inestimable value of what he has been given and to take responsibility for it: