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Hipocritas los que no ven la fiesta y la alegria y solo ven maltrato. Pensar un poco antes de abrir la boca. This kind of brutal sceneraio may have enternatined people in the past yet I still don’t know how but in this day of age I just can’t belive it still goes on!!!

La gente eligen que van y son heridos en St Fermin, los toros no!! I’m not very fond of runs but I can not see how we are told torturers of animals. For some reason we europeans see some of our traditions as barbaric but we praise similar things when seen in a tribal documentary of the BBC oh they are so connected with nature, oh, they go around covered with just a lieaf on their gennitals,oh, they sacrifice boars to their gods, they have such a powerfull culture thats cause we are a very racist sociaty after all, and we see them as litle more than speaking gorillas.


The guy with the horn to the throat got precisely what he deserved. No man should die in a show, and no animal should be hurt for our enjoyment.

Fighting bulls get killed honestly in front of you if you wish to look. I have no use for these people. He is the most noble animal, and he fight all he can, he fight at last. Thousands of these animals are cruelty killed and now you horrified by a few bulls??

They control every aspect of the “fight” and then act like heros when they slaughter the helpless bulls.

The Festival of San Fermin, – Photos – The Big Picture –

I prefer the cultural heritage of Paris Hilton. Please, don’t judge a whole country by a minority of people.

You don’t like it do watch it! Deal with that, PETA. But don’t tell me where this meat comes from!!

Careful with the use of absolutes Respecto a los toros parid mi que cada uno haga lo que quiera, eso si, al toro ni puyas ni picas, con el toro entero hasta el final, con dos cojones.

It is because we are human and they are food. Es la lucha del hombre contra el toro, contra el animal, de igual a igual y no siempre gana el torero.

Cuiida no existiesen las corridas no exisistirian los toros delidia, en el resto de uropa estan extinguidos, los toros no son solo esas fotos, ademas me rio yo de la moral yanki, matar no es malo, sin embargo pornografiatoros;aris si. No veo a nadie quejarse por ello. Just because people eat meat doesn’t make your sport of killing a bull thats been wounded and therefor helpless any less barbaric.


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If you make a bodycount of humans and bulls deads on this bloody feasts you will get the point. We just don’t post them on boston. And if they are too good and face a consumated bullfighter they might even receive the pardon, and survive to procreate and preserve the best of their species. Usais unos 10 toros entre cuantos de miles de pariss. So much about a fair fight.

Once heard a story about Antonio Banderas that it was very difficult to do Spanish food in Los Angeles because it was impossible to find shrimp with head in American supermarkets.

By this, I mean that it can never be solved though a comment’s debate I don’t wish to live the “life of a potted plant”. What comes around goes around I guess you could say. Their death will not take away one iota of enjoyment when eating them.