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If you fail to remove DRM from AZW4 files with the guide link above, please try to install this modified DeDRM plugin. This plugin is modified to. Kindle DRM Removal quickly and easily remove azw/azw1/azw3/azw4 ebook DRM protection with 1-click. it produce a new nodrm ebook file. Then I imported it into Calibre (after installing a plugin that removes the DRM). Then I tried to convert it from its existing format (AZW4) to ePub.

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That’s actually a great question. Right — reading on a Kindle is much, much better than reading on a PC, I fully agree. Then click “Load Plugin from file” on the bottom right corner in the new opened dialog box and select Calibre Plugin which you download just now. The alternative is to buy another Kindle and, if you don’t know about de-registering your old device, you’re likely to have to pay again for the content anyway – either way the retailer takes more money from you.

A further message is “Unknown book type”. OK, just figured something out. Does this method generally work with your books, and only these two still retain the DRM? Well, you don’t sound like an obnoxious, pushy, irritating straight arrow.

If you want to change the storage location of Kindle Books, you can select the new one during this step. If you have installed Calibre and expect to use Calibre to manage your e-book library, you can use Calibre to operate.

Remove DRM from AZW4

They just add a wrapper of the PDF. DRM, the never-ending cat and mouse game I’m not sure how to change this or if I missed a step? The instructions are absolutely all right.

So, in this case, I feel it’s relatively safe to assume that the books readers will strip will be their cohvert books which they bought with hard-earned money. There’s 30 days free trial, but the full version costs 20 USD – as I’m a prolific buyer and reader of ebooks, that’s not so much.


Thank you for taking the time to lay out the needed steps. I don’t know about a method to ‘mass download’ your xrm books, but I do know that in the reader app for windows, if you go to the archived items tab, you can double click on your books and it’ll automatically que up and download your books.

How To Break The DRM On Kindle eBooks So You Can Enjoy Them Anywhere

However, the conversion of newly downloaded books is blocked. Can you show me a screenshot of the window you have?

Submit a new text post. Do this setup once and then anything you throw at Calibre will automatically get stripped. It’s not about Piracy, it’s about owning what you buy, and Amazon’s current policy forced me into a corner and forced me to do things I didn’t want to do to get these books back. I had purchased my Kindle in Ireland and registered it there and purchased many of my e-books there.

I have followed the instructions and the books have been dragged successfully into the Calibre window and they are showing in my Calibre window as format AZW3. You’ve potentially saved me a bunch of hassle and I’m sure you’ve done the same for others! Provided that the content has been purchased under the same account, it’ll work fine. Here’s why I want to de-DRM: Did not work for a lot of my books, mostly those with the azw extension. Comment out these lines:.

Kindle to PDF, Convert AZW, MOBI, AZW3, AZW4, PRC to PDF

This whole process is even more complicated under Linux as I have to install an additional concert of Python and some other stuff and make sure I get it all installed in the same directory as least that’s how it seems under Wine. Thanks for the article. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. After your computer is activated successfully, connvert will find all your Kindle Books in the main interface of Kindle.

Wondering if they have done something to update their DRM. I hate to think what I would have had to spend frm replace them as various eReaders have broken, worn out or when support has been removed.


With the DRM restriction, you can have the feeling that the books really belong to you. Otherwise, very handy, especially for very expensive medical books.

Bolches yarboclos pa todos los DRM jabronis. This is an automatic running plugin. I own a lot of them, but I also own slim laptops and tablets that don’t have DVD drives on them, so I don’t see burning a digital copy so I can actually watch these movies to be in any way, shape, or form to be unethical.

Calibre will now crunch some numbers, and add all of your books to its library. Does DRM apply to nook as well, is it just books bought from Amazon or does Barns and noble do it too? For some reason unknown to me, my reader stopped functioning last month, and I was unable to continue reading a book a tutorial I was in the middle of.

And what does it say when you try to clnvert it to a different format? My challenge is getting the collection to adapt as the tech changes. All my older books are fine as I converted them a while ago.

Because that, will never translate good to any ebook format unless is pure text and simple layout. Thank you for the info, even thought I aaw4 a Fire HD. If you don’t have a Windows machine but do have Windows in Parallels or on Bootcamp, you could do much the same thing.

In iOS all functionality seems to be retained, it looks great. I Installed 32 bit and it worked, after re-adding the book to Calibre library.

Here I want to know that, are there any online Kindle drm removal tools that you can recommend to us?