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Al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee The Difference between Advising & Condemning 1 Checking and Notes by Shaikh 1 ‘Alee Hasan Al-Halabee. From the introduction: ‘The lofty rank and high station eemaan possesses is not something obscure; as it in unquestionably; the most important duty as well as. Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Eemaan “The lofty rank and high station eemaan possesses is not something obscure, as it is unquestionably.

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Let not the Devil deceive you, as he got your parents out of Paradise, stripping them of their garments, to show them their private parts. And it was just as they said it was. And others leave off advising people in a direct manner, instead criticizing them from a distance, without realizing the consequences that come as a result of that.

These individuals strove hard in publicizing this liepropagating it on the mimbars on the days of Jumu’ah, as well as on other occasions in which there were large gatherings.

Myr Yam added it Nov 12, And not one of the scholars considered those that didn’t agree with him in these issues and their likes to be belittling or defaming these Imaams.

This is an important principle that the Shaikh mentions before continuing further in his book, since he does not want his readers to think that this discussion concerns innovators. Amongst the most famous of them were: Fadlu ‘Ilm-is-Salaf ‘alaal-Khalaf A great short treatise discussing the virtues of knowledge, its types and its etiquettes There are also about forty-five books of his that are nit printed yet.

He was born in Baghdaad in the year H according to the most correct opinion found in the discussions presented by those who recorded his biography.

Those who fall under the category of Al-Jarh are the ones who are criticized and 9 www. They deceive the people by making beautiful expressions and using nice words!! Sarah Lameche added it Aug 27, Log In Sign Up. Help Center Find new research papers in: In fact, kita semua kena jadi atau perlu jadi a good runner.


This book is especially important in these days due to the widescale confusion that exists on this subject amongst the Muslims. Rather his only goal is to spread and publicize the defects found in his believing brother, and to destroy his honor.

Verily, he only calls his party of followers to be from amongst the dwellers of the Hellfire. And they are both from the affairs of the evildoer, since it is not the goal of the evildoer to put an end to the fault nor that the believer avoids that fault or defect.

A website Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiyah www. But if this advising is done with the intention of only blaming him due to a sin he committedthen it is reprehensible and condemned.

Eemaan holds such a multitude of benefits, ripe fruits, delicious pro-duce, constant food and continual goodness. So the discussion here does not apply to them in the least nor can it be used in defense of one of them. It does not belong to any specific land.

Dhail Tabaqaat-ul-Hanaabilah This is a compilation of the scholars of the Hanbalee madh- hab, considered one of his great works 3. Apr 29, Ammena rated it it was amazing. Not one of the people of knowledge abandoned doing this clarification.

Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Eeman by Sheikh ‘Abdur-Razzaak al-‘Abbaad

And He is sufficient for us and the best of Guardians. Eemaan itself is of degrees and forever fluctuating. These are the characteristics of the Devil — the one who beautifies disbelief, sin and disobedience to the children of Aadam so that due to it they may become amongst the dwellers of the Hellfire, as Allaah says: Basit added it Aug 20, And Allaah knows and you know not. And we ask Allaah that He grant us the ability to do all that He loves and is pleased with.


Do not abuse the Muslims nor seek after their faults. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The scholars have also unanimously agreed upon the permissibility of doing this clarification.

Although the Hereafter is better and more lasting. The weak opinion mentioned above states that the woman that was divorced three times by her husband, in order to become halaal permissible for him again, she just needed to remarry another man, without having intercourse with him i.

I become happy when my opponent speaks correctly on dexrease point. But yet in reality they are doing no more than discrediting, defaming and belittling a scholar.

Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Eeman

Such an example can be found in Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee rahimhullaah and the lies and attacks that were launched against him by Hasan Saqqaf, Kabbani and their likes, who make themselves appear as though they’re advising the Muslim ummah.

Meanwhile, on the inside, his aim is only to condemn and cause harm. And whomsoever has Allaah seek after his faults, He will expose them, even if he may have committed them in the privacy of his own home. So his benefit is perfected for him and his scheme is carried out effectively by this deception!! The Dawah Training Program by Dr.

And the claims that come from them are well known in that these scholars, such as Al-Albaanee, who warn against “blind-following” are labeled as deviants who hate ahd four Imaams and who want to do away with their teachings!