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Fundamentos da Clínica by Paul Bercherie, , Jorge Zahar edition, Paperback in Portuguese – 1 edition. Paul Bercherie Los fundamentos de la clínica. 1 like. Book. Fundamentos de La Clinica: Paul Bercherie: Books – Amazon. ca.

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In all these clinical manifestations of psychosis, we can recognize a subject with the inability to integrate and develop these dimensions of the human, but who is still concerned with them. As a neurologist, he was interested in fundamwntos enigma that hysteria represented for this specialty, and the invention of psychoanalysis corresponds to the rupture that Freud introduced into the understanding of this disease hysterical neurosis.

On this point, the manual indicates: The extreme objectification of diagnostic categories has led to a proliferation of categories. The abandonment bercherje the strong nosographic entities of the psychiatric tradition in favor of a classification which is allegedly error-free is full of consequences in the clinic.

Psychosis went on to be the most suitable object of psychiatry, separating neurological diseases pertaining to neurology on the one hand, from the neuroses, which became the area where Freudian psychoanalysis excelled.

According to Ey, the absence of a rigorous definition does not prevent most clinicians from understanding it in practice with regard to the diagnosis of schizophrenia: These authors point out a paradigm shift that is not limited to the classification of mental diseases, and reaches the question of hegemony among the knowledge that constitutes the psychiatric and psychological clinic, and the sphere of social representations relative to the individual and to the normal and the pathological.

Another part of this process was the transposition of the medical notion of the syndrome, or the syndromic diagnosis, from general medicine to psychiatry Aguiar,p. This favored the view that psychosis is a phenomenon which is always disruptive, and llos its treatment addresses rearranging what ed break threw clknica disarray.

In this meaning, psychosis demarcated the specific field of psychiatry, its most suitable object. In the words of Lacanp. Its evolution moves toward impoverishment.


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To do this, the DSM and then the ICD declared themselves to be atheoretical, excluding the categories which involved theoretical and psychodynamic assumptions and intending to base classification exclusively on symptoms that could be empirically observed and quantified. How each one tells us about the way he or she faces their issues. XXIV; emphasis in the original. During this same period, Magnan distinguished the mixed states organic brain lesions, senile dementia, neuroses [hysteria], epilepsy, alcoholism etc.

The nosographic structure established by Emil Kraepelin around the turn of the twentieth century guided psychiatry for the next hundred years. Our emphasis lies in its recent transformations in terms of the description and classification of diseases and their consequences for the comprehension of the major mental illness, psychosis. It is not by chance that the only condition currently recognized as psychosis schizophrenia is a deficient condition which offers a biological interpretation, pharmacological action, and rehabilitation activities that can be both generous actions of social inclusion and at the same time can shift the balance toward a practice of normalization and adaptation, depending on the interpretation.

This established the terms psychosis and neurosis as antonyms, each hosting a certain group of psychological diseases. Revista Latinoamericana de Psicopatologia Fundamentalv. Additionally, the fact that any multinational company eager to get its medications approved for the American market must present effectiveness and safety testing according to these same requirements finally led to global compliance with the new manual, promoting the global expansion of American psychiatry at the expense of the French and German traditions which had constituted psychiatry up to this point.

The discussion on etiology and psychodynamics is abandoned in favor of points of consensus, the symptoms that would supposedly be seen by any observer. The characteristic disturbances in the affect and way of thinking that we have already covered are also mentioned, and are detailed in a very classical manner.


Paul Bercherie (Author of Fundamentos de La Clinica)

The advent of the third edition of the DSM in represented a milestone for psychiatry, a drastic fudamentos in course. This shows the symbolic weight that these terms carry and transmit. This new inflection represented a paradigm shift, weakening the description of mental illnesses based on assumptions we could call psychodynamic in favor of a physicalist approach to mental pathology. We are addressing the practical field of mental health in which we work, where we notice that the proliferation of diagnoses generated by the DSM has frequently had a disorienting effect in relation to diagnosis and the clinic — mainly the effect of a lack of familiarity with psychosis where it often appears.

Os fundamentos da clínica: história e estrutura do saber psiquiátrico – ScienceOpen

Mental disorders are usually associated with significant distress lls disability in social, occupational, or other important activities APA,p. Within the limits of this study, we will say that while neurosis which is also our normality is the structure formed by interiorization, by the subject, of the injunctions established by the symbolic system father, generational chain, sexual differencepsychosis cliniica to the situation where the subject cannot create a psychological interiority from these dimensions, a symbolized experience of himself.

Bleuler, entre psychiatrie et psychanalyse? Consequently, it is not that these dimensions do not exist for the psychotic, since they were also established in their injunctive character for him, and they are what constitute and move the social bond itself.

The second consequence is that conditions which had previously been recognized as psychotic have been relocated to fit under the heading of personality disorders. Kraepelin further refined the notion, distinguishing two bercerie of chronic delusions: