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Fereydoon Batmanghelidj ( or – November 15, ) was an Iranian writer. He is best known for his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, and his He promoted his Water Cure, which was not based on any scientific evidence.”. Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases [Fereydoon Batmanghelidj M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Using Water to Cure: The Untold STory [Sam Biser, F. Batmanghelidj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Now, depending on where dehydration is settled, you feel pain there.

The Water Cure: Another Example of Self Deception and the “Lone Genius” – Science-Based Medicine

No substitute for water Mike: I’ve identified why these three diseases are actually the branches of the same tree, and each one naturally produces a different problem at different age brackets, but they are all related conditions that occur as a result of dehydration over time.

He died from complications related to pneumonia on 15 November There is already occupied and engaged water, which is no good for new function. Your body is used to a fluid that has no agenda, because the body depends on the freedom of that fluid, water, because there are two kinds of water in the body. Another false science is the question of cholesterol.

He treated other PUD patients with remarkable success. I have researched this topic extensively, and I have shown in fact that AIDS is a metabolic problem, when the body begins to cannibalize its own tissue because of certain missing elements in the raw materials that it receives through food or beverages, and the body of a person who gets AIDS, actually, is short of quite a number of building block amino acids. But the young people drank water, and corrected this dehydration.


You know, not to put pressure on the kidneys. All he has done is theorize and speculate. Some people have extreme muscular pain, that amnesia you mentioned seems to be very common, and yet a study just came out, I saw it this morning, talking about how blueberries have phytonutrients that are shown to lower so-called fatty cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, more powerfully than statin drugs.

So, this is the situation. I don’t think about money, because money is, if you do a good deed, money will come as a by product of that good deed. Why many doctors use water-regulating antihistamines to alleviate pain. Let me start this next section by asking you about the correlation between water consumption and chronic disease. He further questions that Batmanghelidj has practiced medicine in the United States, pointing to his lack of registration as a physician.

The need for these inhalers will disappear. They can go to my website on a regular basis, and we post information there and letters that we exchange and so on. The intelligence behind the design of the body has it such that a drought management program will kick in, and then allergies are a sign of dehydration because the system that regulates water balance of the body suppresses the immune system, because it’s an energy-consuming situation.

The Water Cure: Another Example of Self Deception and the “Lone Genius”

An average person needs two quarts of water a day. They don’t need a medical degree to see the color of their urine.

People are intrigued by the idea that water can be a therapy, a healing substance for the human body. Inafter the Iranian Revolutionhe was sent to Evin Prison.

I remember there was a campaign at one time through Olive Garden restaurants. They are the same family of drugs – neurotoxic substances. And the mechanism is very simple – when there isn’t enough water to be evenly distributed and certain parts of the body are working but not receiving enough water to deal with its toxic waste and metabolism, and the toxic waste builds up that area, the nerve endings in that area register the chemical environmental change with the brain.


So this is a very easy sign that people can pay attention to. It was untenable to begin with, is supported by no evidence, was debunked on Quackwatch several years ago, and Dr.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry I think would be horrified to have that information become widespread. It is certainly not to block the batmanggelidj of the heart, because we measure the level of cholesterol in the body in the blood we take out of the veins of the body, and nowhere in the history of medicine is there recorded one single case of cholesterol ever having blocked the veins of the body.

So I started researching the role of histamine in the body, and the answer was there – histamine is a neurotransmitter in charge of water regulation and the drought management programs of the body. How did you batmanghelirj become aware of these healing properties of water? So, basically, this is what’s going on in medicine in America.

But nothing substitutes for water – not a thing. I recommend everyone to read Water Cures, Drugs Killbecause in this book I’ve bstmanghelidj over 90 health problems that we in medicine have called disease, and yet water cures them. It seems like there are almost two different groups of people in the United States.

The campaign was called Just Say No to H 2 Oand they were rewarding waiters for making sure people bought some soft drinks rather than drinking water.