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Cambridge Core – Sociolinguistics – Arabic Sociolinguistics – by Reem Bassiouney. Reem Bassiouney explores how current sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and, conversely, what the study of Arabic can contribute to our. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on Arabic Sociolinguistics. Zoom Reem Bassiouney .

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For this reason, I prefer ‘CS’ as a cover term; the two types can be differentiated by the labels ‘intersentential’ and ‘intrasentential’ when structural constraints are considered.

In fact this was prevalent in my data. The following is an anecdote narrated by Ferguson Gumperz questions these assumptions. Once more, phonological differences are prominent in the realisation of the noun ‘library’ with the definite article.

Note also the following example from Bentahila and Da vies This is a prayer from a heart that never lost hope or belief in you. I make this proposition for the following reasons. The English use is to refer to establishments in Britain and the Moroccan Arabic use is to refer to hospitals in Morocco. The last section is devoted to the organisation of the book.

That is to say, once there is more than one ML at a time, then this is often an indicator of language death; for example, the taking of inflections and function words from a code other than the ML is a step towards language attrition and death. Thus, the exam- ples do not represent the whole spectrum of dialects within each country but only give an example of the kind of differences that exist between different national vernaculars.

Although Gumperz a argues that code-switching is not a random process, but that it depends more on stylistic and metaphorical factors than on grammatical restrictions, some linguists Sankoff and Poplack sociolinguisticx DiSciullo et al. This will rem be discussed in detail in Chapters 1 and 5, although there are many implications of this story soviolinguistics merit more investigation, especially the role of vernaculars in inter-dialectal communication and not just that of MSA.

Graduate students of Arabic language and linguistics as well as students of sociolinguistics with no knowledge of Arabic will find this volume to be an indispensable resource. I will examine the following theories intro- duced by linguists to identify structural constraints on code-switching: The two system morphemes can be classified differently: Likewise, most would assume that a switch can simultaneously serve multiple purposes.


In the end his power as shop keeper prevailed over her power as his sister. In the next sections I concentrate on national varieties.

Arabic Sociolinguistics | Georgetown University Press

It becomes clearer over time that without moral support from people who care, the journey is aimless. That is to say, the speaker, rather than the speech event, is the prime mover in code-switching: It is worth mentioning here that Blanc Thus one may claim that this example violates the uniform structure principle.

In such cases they predict that there will be no switches between V verb and O object. There are morpho- logical differences between TCA realisation of the first person and all the other varieties. This means that the ML hypothesis is not affected no matter which theory of grammatical structure is adopted. The negative marker and the definite article, which are considered by Myers-Scotton as system morphemes, are in ECA, while the content morphemes which assign thematic roles, like nouns and adjectives, are in MSA.

The ECA counterpart would beyitga: The verb is lexically the same but phonologically different in some varieties. This is not to say that native speakers do not know aabic to mix; but we have no reliable information establishing that the mixing is not a phenomenon heavily influenced, say, by personal or regional factors.

Let us now examine models of diglossia which sought to refine and improve on Ferguson’s ideas. I first shed light on methods used in quantitative variation research and problems related to them. Contents Acknowledgements viii List of charts, maps and tables x List of abbreviations xii Conventions used in this book xiv Introduction 1 1.

She or he will do this by emphasising the difference between them through choice of code. Using education as a criterion can be considered a problem in his description. The MSA demonstrative is another early system morpheme, because again it adds meaning to its head; the noun mana: The idea of a single frame-structure an ML falls short of explaining the last examples 26, 30, 33, 36, 39 for a number of reasons.

Outsider late system morphemes: This is the CA of the Arab literary heritage and the Qur’an. The other problem that one encounters is why, if ‘Arabic’ is the inherent language of the earth, are Arabs so keen on teaching their children foreign languages. For them there is only one SA, as was said earlier.


Abu-Haidarin her study of the Muslim and the Christian dialects of Baghdad, posits that: He sociolinnguistics take the student aside and speak in a different code a less formal one. This is almost assuredly because rfem Arabic word for ‘sensitivity’, hasa. According to her, placing a great deal of emphasis on the individual’s creative role in code-switching may make one lose sight of the general nature of the process, since, in her view, code-switching is a rule-governed phenom- enon and should be aragic as such.

There are system morphemes from more than one code in the same projection of a complementiser. He was describing diglossia cross-linguistically as it relates to issues of standardisation.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF)

In so doing, he encouraged us to examine with care specific varieties and specific sets of linguistic practices as ways of better understanding the sociolinguistic processes found across speech communities that at first glance might appear quite disparate.

Thus, one has first to recognise the ML, then analyse a structure, and maybe later assign discourse functions to it. More importantly, the ML hypothesis cannot really explain this phe- nomenon.

First, the term ‘educated Arabs’ seems vague. Note the following example, in which the speaker baseiouney and contrasts how old people are cared for in Britain and the Arab world Wernberg-Moller If we believe in the idea of universal grammar, then we might expect universal siciolinguistics to impose constraints on code-switching.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF) von Reem Bassiouney – Portofrei bei

Is there a pure Standard Arabic? James Dale has been enthusiastic about the book, friendly, resourceful and efficient. Diglossia is a relatively stable language situation in which, in addition to the primary dialects of the language which may include a standard or regional standardsthere is a very divergent, sociolinguishics codified often grammatically more complex superposed variety, the vehicle of a large and respected body of written literature, either of an earlier period or in another speech community, which is learned largely by formal education and is used for most written and formal spoken purposes but is not used by any sector of the community for ordinary conversation.