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AISC 358-05 PDF

three specified configurations as provided in AISC Supplement No. 1 thus allows moment end plates to be considered for use in the. AISC’s Supplement No. 1 to Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC. 1 (includes supplement) Supersedes ANSI/AISC and ANSI/ AISC s Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel .

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The following equation may be used to estimate the trial number of bolts.

Fillet weld applied to a groove welded T-joint to obtain a contour to reduce stress concentrations associated with joint geometry. Holes in flange plates shall be standard or oversized holes. This weld shall be provided over the full length of the web between weld access holes, and shall conform to the requirements for demand critical welds in the AISC Seismic Provisions and AWS D1.

Results are reported in several publications Ricles et al. These recommendations included changes to material specifications for base metals and welding filler metals, improved quality assurance procedures during construction and the use of connection geometries that had been demonstrated by testing and analysis to be capable of resisting appropriate levels of inelastic deformation without fracture.

Gage The gage, g, is as defined in Figures 6. End-Plate Width The width of the end-plate shall be greater than or equal to the connected beam flange width. Moment at face of column vs. Because plastic hinging at the end of the flange plate is the controlling yield mechanism, the expected plastic moment at this location dominates the connection design. Removal shall be by air carbon arc cutting CAC-Agrinding, chipping or thermal cutting.

Determine the sizes of the connected members beams and column and compute the moment at the face of the column, Mf. This calculation shall assume that the moment at the center of the plastic hinge is Mpr and shall consider gravity loads acting on the beams between plastic hinges in accordance with the equation: ASTM A or AM bolts with threads excluded from the shear plane are used for the beam flange connections because the higher shear strength of the A or AM bolts reduces the number of bolts required and reduces the length of the flange plate.

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There are no other specific column requirements for extended end-plate moment connections.

Samples shall be marked with longitudinal and transverse directions. The value of Ze shall be taken as equal to Zx of the beam section and the value of Cpr shall be taken as equal to 1. KBB SMF systems with concrete structural slabs 358-50 prequalified only aksc the concrete structural slab is kept at least 1 in.

Nonfusible Backing at Beam Flange-to-Column Joints After nonfusible backing is removed, backgouging to sound metal removes potential root flaws within the welded joint. Either fillet or complete-joint-penetration CJP groove welds are suitable for the weld of 358–05 stiffener plate to the beam flange.

Tack welds for beam flange-to-column connections are preferably made in the weld groove. Therefore, weld access holes are not permitted for extended end-plate moment connections.

Expected moment developed at a plastic hinge location along a member, considering the probable mean value of the material strength for the specified steel and effects of strain hardening. A special welding procedure specification WPS is required for this repair.

Monotonic tests have shown that the stiffness and strength of an end-plate moment connection are decreased when the bolt gage is wider than the beam flange. Nevertheless, the tests were successful. Continuity 358-005 Beam flange continuity plates serve several purposes in moment connections.

AISC Prequalified Connections

Collar flange bottom CFB. The shear force at the hinge location, Vh, shall be determined from 3358-05 free-body diagram of the portion of the beam between the hinge locations. Bolt Requirements Bolts shall be arranged symmetrically about the axes of the beam and shall be limited to two bolts per row in the flange plate connections.

Applicable provisions in FEMA d are incorporated into the procedure as well. Pitch and Row Spacing.

Collar corner top CCT. Select a trial bracket from Table 9. Consequently, it is believed that lateral bracing requirements established for the RBS moment connection are satisfactory, and perhaps somewhat conservative, for the WUF-W moment connection.

The collar flange transfers beam flange tensile forces in flexure to the pre-tensioned collar bolts. For column sections deeper than W14, continuity plates shall be provided.

AISC 358-10 Prequalified Connections

The single-plate connection adds stiffness to the beam web connection, drawing stress toward the web connection and away from the beam flange to column flange connections. When both axes of a column participate in a moment frame, columns should be evaluated for the ability to remain essentially elastic while beams aidc to both column axes undergo flexural hinging.


Steel Backing at Continuity Plates Steel backing used at continuity plate-to-column welds need not 35805 removed. In such cases, acceptable performance can often be obtained by attaching the continuity plate to the column with a pair of minimumsize fillet welds.

Design the beam web-to-column connection according to Section 5.

Because, for the prequalified connections, design demand is determined based on conservative 538-05 of the material strength of weak elements of the connection assembly, and materials, workmanship 3580-5 quality assurance are more rigorously controlled than for other structural elements, resistance factors have been set somewhat higher than those traditionally used.

The effects of beam lateral bracing on cyclic loading performance have been investigated more extensively for the RBS moment connection than for the WUF-W moment connection.

This specimen performed acceptably and resulted in provisions for using concrete structural slabs when such flexible material is placed between the slab and the plate.

For single-sided connections in which a momentconnected beam attaches to only one of the column flanges, it is generally not necessary to use CJP groove welds to attach the continuity plate to the column flange Figure C Method of terminating a weld in which subsequent weld beads are stopped short of the previous bead, producing a cascade effect. The Standard and Commentary are intended for use by design professionals with demonstrated engineering competence.

RBS connections have been tested using single-cantilever type specimens one beam attached to columnand double-sided specimens specimen consisting of a single column, with beams attached to both flanges.

In the absence of a concrete structural slab, the rolled shape column depth is limited to W14 W maximum. The Cpr value of 1. Select a trial number of bolts.

The moment at the face of the column shall be computed from a free-body diagram of the segment of the beam between the center of the reduced beam section and the face of the column, as illustrated in Figure 5.