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: Managing Human Resources (): Scott Snell, George W. Bohlander: Managing Human Resources by Snell, Scott A., Bohlander, George W. 16th . While the content is good, the publisher should do better. Results 1 – 16 of 51 31 Jan by Scott Snell and George W. Bohlander . Administração de Recursos Humanos (Em Portuguese do Brasil). by George. Results 1 – 16 of 53 by George Bohlander;Scott Snell;Consuelo Garcia Alvarez Administração de Recursos Humanos (Em Portuguese do Brasil).

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Therefore, domestic approaches may influence HRM practices at foreign subsidiaries in their first stages of internationalisation. ABSTRACT This theoretical essay aims to propose autonomy as a construct that integrates strategic human resource management models in federal public organizations. Public Administrationv.

Formats and Editions of Administração de recursos humanos []

Human resources reputation and effectiveness. In this context, headquarters should disseminate global strategic guidelines for attracting, developing and maintaining human resources while subsidiaries are given the autonomy to adapt HRM practices to the host country’s environment.

In the case of headquarters, 37 companies were included; this accounts for Managing knowledge transfer in MNCs: Moreover, this is a group of major companies which are among the leading representatives of Brazilian multinationals.


Leveraging competitiveness upon national cultural traits: The drought in California is now in its fourth year and the worst on record. First, 97 Brazilian companies with assets abroad were identified as the universe of Brazilian MNCs; all were invited to participate in the study.

Toward an integrative view of strategic adminkstrao resource management PM Wright, SA Snell Human resource management review 1 3, Agenda de pesquisa proposta. The first part, Preliminaries, begins by introducing the basic theme of the book.

The respondents from the headquarters were directors or presidents; 64 questionnaires for headquarters were returned, but only 37 were employed in the current study. Because the author characterises internationalisation from its initial stages and examines its implications for HRM, this focus is adequate for analysing companies in emerging countries whose international expansion has been relatively recent.

Significado de “resources” no dicionário inglês

MNE linkages in international business: Human resource management systems and their role in the development of strategic resources: The Cronbach’s alpha for the competences development scale was 0.

This transition is characterised by an emphasis on competitiveness in the domestic market, the construction of internal and international networks for the expanding organisation and the initiation and maintenance of international commitments. We’re told another large-scale terrorist attack is inevitable by those people who have committed so many resources to preventing it.

The human resource department’s role and conditions that affect its development: In the subsidiaries that are between 4 and 7. This book is divided into four parts.


Personnel Psychology52 2 Philanthropy, to me, is being engaged, not only with your resources but getting people and yourself really involved and doing things that haven’t been done before. These competences are essential in that they allow foreign units to adopt HRM practices that are consistent with the countries or markets in which they operate.

Public Administration Developmentv. All the contents of this journal, except administdao otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This may involve the improvement of transferred competences and also the configuration of new ones, in order to adopt HRM practices that are more consistent with their host countries.

Winning in emerging markets: Data collection and sampling First, 97 Brazilian companies with assets abroad were identified as the universe of Brazilian MNCs; all were invited to participate in the study. The competences developed by the subsidiaries generally had average scores below 3.

An institution-based view of international business strategy: Integrated manufacturing and human resource management: